Antique Tool Auction - Online

The Lodge Auction House is proud to present this Antique Tool Auction featuring Planes, Tools, and Tool Chests. The Tool Chests and Tool Boxes labeled are from the Estate of Michael Oglesby, as well as the majority of the Planes. Michael Oglesby was an early settler of Cayuga County in NY. He was born in the 1790’s and died in the 1880’s. His Tool Chest as well as His Onsite Tool Box are in this auction.

There are also Planes that are labeled from

Auburn, NY. These Planes were actually made in a Prison in Auburn, NY.

The planes in the auction are Jointer Planes, Smoothing Planes, Rabbet Planes and Molding Planes. There are some great sets of Planes as well as individual Planes.

This is a unique opportunity to bid on collectibles for any Tool Collectors and History Buffs.

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