Norman Maffei Art Online Auction

The Lodge Auction House is proud to present this auction featuring the artist Norman Maffei. This collection includes works and memorabilia from Norman Maffei.

Norman Maffei was a Franklinville, NY Artist who was unique for writing detailed historical notes on the back of most of his paintings. Maffei enlisted in the Army in August 1942. He met wartime cartoonist Bill Mauldin at Camp Pickett in April 1943. Maffei would later take over Bill Mauldin’s job on the 45th "Division News."

Maffei started drawing infantry and artillerymen while on missions in Chesapeake Bay and the Blue Mountains. Later, Maffei made sketches while the 45th fought its way through the center of Sicily through the north coastal road to Messina. From there, Maffei’s outfit grappled to Salerno and fought that most important battle on the afternoon of September 13, 1943.

In December 1943, Maffei suffered a combat injury to his leg; afterwhich he became an unofficial "Army Artist." He was allowed to wander around at will with a pistol and clipboard, drawing pictures while helping on the gun and ammo sections. On some occasions he would even travel to the front to sketch towns under attack, prisoners being brought in, and other wartime scenes.

In December of 1944, Maffei was sent home because of his injured leg. Many of his sketches were left in Naples with Signore Mario Bellantonio. By 1949, most of these sketches were sent to Maffei. They were cleaned up, ironed flat, sprayed with varnish and later mounted and matted.

After returning home from war, Maffei would earn his high school diploma and eventually graduate from Buffalo’s Albright Art School. He then joined the Merchant Marine, working in six-month hitches into the 1950’s before finally deciding to settle back in Franklinville, NY. He worked on his art full-time and paid bills as an electrician and carpenter.

Maffei later reunited with his old friend Bill Mauldin at an exhibit in Oklahoma. The Division Museum in Oklahoma City housed a special exhibit for Norman Maffei’s works. His wartime works and writings are also part of the Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

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